Books, Books, Books!!!! And a Little Music for the Weekend.

There are some exciting books out there right now. Just in time to make it onto your holiday gift-giving lists! And never forget to put yourself on that list! There are a few categories I am always interested in:
Taschen has just introduced a collection of Walton Ford's "beastial tableaux" in this beautiful new hardcover edition: Walton Ford, Pancha Tantra. As you can see from the cover above, Ford was fascinated by the ironic similarities between beasts and humanity.

Interior Design

Next up: the book I have been waiting for is due out by the end of October! Suzanne Kasler, one of my design crushes, puts together rooms that are often described as refreshing, luxurious, lavishly detailed while still maintaining that comfort factor. I am so looking forward to this one! To pre-order and for more information, you can click HERE.


For the architect buff, this book is a "must have". Zaha Hadid, long considered to be a "wildly controversial" architect has been creating structures that have firmly established her international fame. Her 30 year career includes not only architecture, but furniture and interior design. An exquisite book to be sure: HADID, Complete Works 1979-2009

I just ordered At Home with Wedgewood, and am anxiously awaiting it's arrival. Full of wonderful photos and the creative use of Wedgewood collections by personalities such as Charlotte Moss, Martha Stewart, and Carolyne Roehm, this Tricia Foley book will be one of her best, I have no doubt. A collector at heart, I love to see what others find worthy. Wedgewood, like most things, has had it's "ins" and "outs", but it is truly classic. And classics will always reemerge in refreshing and unconventional ways. This book will surely prove that point.
I am leaving you with a little music to start off you weekend:

I was all set to not like Scarlett. It wasn't anything personal. I think she is a wonderful actress. It was just the idea of the actress/singer crossover thing. But I like this! Pete Yorn is great and together they have put together a very unique sound.

There is nothing quite like a great book and some music on a Fall weekend.