How You Find Out About Things: The Red Egg Gallery

Debi and Chris

I had a roommate in college, Nicki, who was a graphic arts major. After graduation, she went into the printing and design industry eventually working with big names like Apple Computer and HP. She met alot of people along the way. Nicki started her own Marketing and Design company awhile back, Black and White Design.

Nicki is what is referred to as a "people" person. Cliched term it might be, but Nicki has that ability to connect and befriend almost everyone that comes her way. One of those people, during the early days at Apple, was Debi Lorenc. They worked together for years and became good friends. Eventually Debi became a partner at Black and White. Through Nicki, I became aware of Debi and her husband Chris and what they are doing in their lives right now.

I thought you all might be interested too.

Debi and Chris have taken a leap of faith, literally. They have begun a journey around the world and into their hearts to find a way to unite other hearts through art and craft. They have begun a travel blog here, with the intention of establishing an art gallery that unites and celebrates the differences in cultures around the world.

Here is their mission:
The mission of Red Egg Gallery is to awaken in people a healthy, dynamic integrity of nature, art, community and wisdom in their own lives in such a way that they celebrate, support, learn from, and connect with that same dynamism in other local places and traditions. We imagine the whole as a peace-process supporting diversity.
We are creating a new paradigm for a gallery that supports high-level artisanal craftsmanship and artistic bio-cultural values that already exist in diverse local places around the world. While we support traditional art, we also support innovative work that also deepens and enhances the overall integrity of nature, community, and the wisdom traditions of its place. Our activities will be more active, participative, and community-building than the term “gallery” usually suggests, and we will partner to create artist-led workshops, lectures, performances, and symposia.
These principles will guide the
on-line gallery as well.

Their blog has the most beautiful and thoughtful photos of their travels and the people they meet.

They have gone to places most of us will never see in our lifetimes. They show these places through their artistic eyes and are able to pass along their inspiration.

I urge you to take a look at their wonderful travels. I am looking forward to opening of Red Egg Gallery this fall.

These are just some of the artisans and art that will be represented:

Umfa, a Tuareg jewelry artisan with his daughter, Rhiesta - Niger

Mary Lee Bendolph, Gee's Bend Quiler - Alabama

Photography by Tri Huu Luu - Vietnam

Rufina Amaya Marquez, Survivor of the El Mozote Massacre - El Salvador

Detail od Haida Pole. Haida Gwaii - British Columbia

Gaze of Tara by Losang Gyatso - Tibet

"Leap and the Net will appear" (Zen saying). I think Debi and Chris have found their net.

Happy Labor Day Weekend!