I'm Back! And I Brought Friends.

The college road trip is over and we are back home. And I have lots to show you!

I am starting with our last day. Yesterday, the day we drove back home, we stayed in Morro Bay, which is pretty much half way between San Francisco and Los Angleles. It is home to The Shell Shop, a place I can never resist going into. And when I do....I never leave empty handed.

This unpretentious shop was opened in 1955 by the Thomas family and is still going strong today. They specialize in marine seashells and boast the largest selection on the Central Coast. But the amazing thing is just how well priced they are. As an example the coral which measures about 10"x10" was about 15 clams (sorry).

I decided I would pick out only white shells, coral, star fish and sand dollars this time. You can see my "collection" in the top photo.

There is so much to choose from here, it is mind boggling. There are very rare specimens, and hard to find things like large clam shells. There is an abundance of corals, star fish of all sizes and species, and hundreds of shell varieties. There are also decorative items made from shells: from mirrors, jewelry, and boxes, to clutch purses and bottle openers.

There is so much more. I hope the next time you are visiting the Central Coast that you have a moment to stop in. You will be shocked at how many shells there are.
Shell shocked!