I have some housekeeping issues to attend to:
1) Regarding this brilliant console: I erroneously wrote it was designed by Jay Jeffers and produced by Paul Benson. In fact, this beauty was designed and created by Paul Benson. My sincerest apologies!!!!!! Check out his website here.

2) I must also apologize for not addressing this earlier. My internet has been down since Monday. I thought I would do the big switch to SureWest from ATT and put phone, Internet and TV all with one service. I had heard great things about SureWest, and was promised great things by them as well. Turns out we didn't have the proper CAT5 wiring we needed when the installer came Friday. Didn't realize it was urgent to get the wiring done til stuff started turning off Monday night. Whoops! Someone somewhere did not tell ATT that we weren't ready yet, and it wasn't ME. But I am back up with Internet access now.....and I must say it is MUCHHHHH faster!!!!!! After the initial HUGE hassle, I am starting to feel much better. So c'mon SureWest....don't disappoint me. I am counting on you to speed up this blogging process so much I can visit all of my favorite blogs and post more blogs much more often. :)

I will be posting again tonight or first thing tomorrow! Thanks for being patient. I am trying to be.