Contest: Tradtional Home Bedroom Makeover

The folks over at Traditonal Home were kind enough to clue me in to another "free stuff" opportunity. I am passing it know...sharing the wealth and all. The contest is for a $20,000 bedroom makeover, and you can enter as many times as you want here.

What you get if you win: a professionally designed bedroom plan plus furniture, flooring, mattress set and bedding from vendors Darryl Carter Design, Thomasville (Darryl Carter people!!! THIS Darryl Carter!) , Scandia Down, Armstrong Floors and Vera Wang by Serta.

The contest goes until June 21st. Plenty of time to enter over and over. And over.

Best of luck!

P.S. - to clarify. There has been some confusion I think that you can only enter if you have a finished bedroom to show. Not true! Anyone can enter....Traditonal home wants to help you with your dream bedroom makeover. Anyone who wants a new bedroom should enter!