Staying Neutral: the Maison 21 Challenge

You may remember awhile back, the very talented and stylish Christian of Maison 21 blog created a room around this lovely piece of glass.......

.......and challenged any and all comers to do the same. And did we! You may remember this blog post.

Well...get ready, because Christian has laid down the gauntlet again. He has challenged all bloggers, and anyone else who feels up to it, to create a room of Neutrals using items from his atelier here and/or from his post here. Never one to shy away from such a challenge, I have taken him up on it. I chose the Teak Root Console from Christian's post because of it's beautiful amorphic shape. I thought a pair would be gorgeous as Bedside I decided a chic and tailored bedroom for a bachelor would be "it".

Next I found these beauties....a pair of brass pharmacy lamps...on Christian's atelier link here to put on the consoles.

So I needed a bed. At first was looking for an upholstered headboard....but then I remembered this bed from Ralph Lauren, perfect:

I happened upon this Black and White Steam Ship photo on 1st dibs and thought it would be perfect above the bed blown up to about 4 ft. wide x 5 feet high:

With these elements , a sort of "theme" or vision began to take shape in my imagination: a nod to the rich mahogany paneled state rooms of the yachts of the 1920's. Wood, brass, a bit art deco, new industrial age feel. So...add the wood paneling to the walls, but I would use Walnut. They are neutral aren't they? And wood floors.

I loved Christian's idea of the blond cowhide on the floor . Why not a few overlapped?

Something for the wall across from the foot of the bed: This Vicente Wolf console table is sleek and tailored. The brass picks up on the brass lamps as well. I think a third section to make it wider would be what I would do.

Above this low console, I thought something monumental was needed. A large Black and White photo perhaps? I relied on the the beautiful and dreamlike work of James Bleecker. His photos of the High Line are stunning:

Flanked by these Fontana Arte sconces by Pietro Chiesa.........through first dibs. OK.....outrageously out of sight price-wise....but this is a fantasy, no? They had to be in the room:

There should be a sitting area in front of the windows. I chose this pair of Gio Ponti Arm Chairs:

I found this table in 1st dibs also. (Sigh....1st dibs, you make it so easy to find things to dream about. I went back to link this table to the post and now I can't find it...sigh.) Perfect between the wing back chairs:

All of which to put in front of these dark grey velvet drapes from Restoration Hardware. This beautiful gun metal grey is technically a "neutral" as well, but provides great depth:

It just so happens that the brass hardware works as well!

Perhaps there would be a spot for these mirrors from Ballard Design. Or maybe this is the shape of the is my fantasy after all.

And there should be something quirky like this from Bond and Bowery:

A bit off of the color palette and out of sync. These are too large, but you get the idea.

So, there you have it! My Gentleman's Bedroom.

For those of you who want to play, hop on over to Christian's Maison 21 blog to see who else has designed a room and to see the "rules".

Thanks Christian! (I could just see Mona and Richard curled up on the bed. They are the perfect colors!)