Shopping for Tile

Paramount Pattern in Clover, Studio Moderne by Michael Berman

I am in the midst of designing two bathrooms for a client and am shopping for tile. While in our local Walker Zanger Tile respresentative's showroom( Natural Stone Design Gallery), I got the update on the latest catalog. Walker Zanger is known for putting out a pretty glamorous tile catalog, and in the past, I have always been lucky to get a free copy. But I found out that this year, things are a bit different. Not only has the catalog been updated with these delicious photos. But the catalog has been beautifully hardbound in black linen. It is something one could put out on a coffee table. Amazing really: bigger, heavier, wonderful paper quality and photo quality.

Imperial Pattern in Ming Blue, Studio Moderne by Michael Berman

Now for the down side....... I may have to actually BUY one! AND I have heard they are not inexpensive...potentially selling for $50! Walker could you? Don't you realize I love looking through those pages on a regular basis? I am all for saving trees and I realize everything is available for all to see on your very user friendly website here. But now that I got a brief peek at your new catalog at the showroom with it's black linen embossed cover, I am coveting it.

Marquis Pattern in Mica Glass, Plaza Deco in Calcacuta/Grey, London Grey Flannel. Regency Mosaic in Noir and Paradigm Bauhaus Base in Flannel; Studio Moderne by Michael Berman.

Perhaps we can come to some sort of an understanding..... A "deal" if you will. There must be some way we can work this out.

Fretwork Mosaic in Paloma/Gascogne Blue, Studio Moderne by Michael Berman

If you think of anything, let me know......I will be here.....patiently waiting....and clicking. Clicking away through your website catalog.

Ashbury Mosaic in Powder Blue from the Vibe Collection


Studio Moderne Paloma 5x8 field, Hollywood Mosaic in Paloma, Gascogne Blue and Roque Gris Limestone Slab. (Really I just love this kitchen photo!!!)


Bronzo Planking and Sonja Nash Pattern in Creme/Black

Still clicking.......

La Fleur Pattern Noir, Sonja Collection

Wall: Talami Wheat w/ Sobu Espresso 1"x1" Mosaic. Floor: Beaumaniere Light Limestone with Seagrass Limestone

Chevron Field in Silver Dusk, Helsinki Collection

Custom Floor Pattern: London Grey, Lagos Azul and Calacuta Luna Marble

Sigh......I may just have to break down and order:

This photo does not do the book justice. If you click on the photo to enlarge you can make out the embossed pattern. Soon to be available here.

C'mon WZ....cut a girl a break?