"Pillows with Provenance": August Morgan

Geisha Pillow

August Morgan. Isn't that just a wonderful name? Worthy of the lead character in a Ron Howard film. But then you would expect a name like that from two witty and creative people like Kate Hersch and Lance Avery Morgan. Mix Hersch's back round in art history and Sotheby's with Morgan's know-how in publishing and the corporate machine, and you create the perfect storm.

Sunny Pillow

Hersch uses her wealth of knowledge to ferret out vintage needlepoint's from around the globe recreating them into one-of-kind- pillows. I thought you might like to know about her talent. Ahem...bookmark worthy!

Don't Be Crewel Pillow

After perusing their website, I picked my favorites. Well......there were many more, so you will just have to hop over and check them out for yourselves. Believe me....there is something for everyone, from "Glam" to "Geisha" to "Modern" to.....yes, even "Magic Mushrooms".

Wee Picasso Pillow

Little pieces of art....that's what they are.

Surf and Turf Pillow

The Perfect Couple Pillows

Hounds Pillows

I don't want to forget the very clever furniture. I think I like these even more because of the various needlepoint's that have been pieced together in such unexpected ways. Wouldn't it be nice to own a piece of art you can use as well as look at?

American Icon Chair

Just Us Girls Screen

And here they are....that perfect storm I was mentioning above: Lance Avery Morgan and Kate Hersh. August Morgan.