Cool: Roger Borg

1.25.7a, enamel on aluminum, 7.12" x 5.736", 2007

This is just a small taste of the coolness that is Roger Borg. Artist, Sculptor, and creator of neon lamps, Roger uses forms from nature, studies and creates from a common theme a body of work that is at once serene and exciting. I hope you enjoy.

1.27.7p, enamel on aluminum, 4.171" x 8.28", 2007

untitled, neon (8300 white), 15' x 12' x 11', 2008
collection of suzanne and norman cohn

Pull In Lamp

Stacked Series: both hanging and free standing, these neon lamps are made by stacking individual hand bent neon components atop each other. in building a structure in this manner, through individual layers and cross sections, i am able to explore and produce illuminated forms, both simple and complex.

I can just imagine this lamp on a traditional desk (say a Louis XIV) in an office/library. I think the contrast is just would be needed to spice things up. That necessary dash of the unexpected.

each moment slides into the next, neon (4500 white), 7.447" x 64.659", 2005
There are a series of quotes from Roger that were unique and made me stop and read every one.

our paths crossed for but not long enough, steel, approx. 8' x 8' x 4', 1999
Roger has a number of landscape sculptures that capture the imagination.


Flat Series: the first of this series, this wall lamp is distorted to appear three dimensional, while in reality it rests flat on the wall.
Artist's Statement:
through observation and speculation i test the world and its workings. what is of paramount interest to me is its nature at the most base level. how circumstances arise. how sequences form and events unfold. how single narratives merge with others, giving rise to more complex interactions. how information is transcribed within the fluid column of time. how the present moment comes to be, and how it is continually steered into the next. at this boundary of present and future, possibility reigns supreme. infinity rules what may be. permutations abound. but beyond this cusp emerges only a single lone instance of what is and what has become. it is with deference to these thoughts, and within this context, that my work is born.
roger borg, 2007