Christmas and Mercury Glass

I love vintage mercury glass. One might even call it a bit obsessive. But when it is put all together with candlelight and a miniature Rosemary Christmas tree, one might just consider it a little bit of Christmas magic.

Mercury glass, or silvered glass was first produced in the mid-1800's as an alternative to silver, and was affordable for the middle classes of the time. It is a double walled piece of blown glass with a hole, usually at the bottom where the silver liquid was poured. If the hole was not well sealed, the silver would eventually wear away. The value of a clouded or faded piece is quite diminished. (I, however, love the clouded pieces. They seem so much more romantic to me somehow.) Mercury glass became mass produced a bit later as it gained in popularity, but production fell off around the turn of the century as it became synonymous with common or bad taste. Because it was not considered valuable, it was discarded and as a result has become more rare. And, as with anything "rare" has become collectible today.

I gathered my Mercury Glass and put them with a little Rosemary tree trimmed with blown glass candle ornaments that clip to the branches. The tree is in my silver punch bowl. ( I have yet to add the Spanish moss to the punchbowl and the Wisteria mercury glass votive candle holders (here), but I will update you with a new photo when I do!

Just a bit of Holiday Cheer for the day!