My Dining Table.

Dining tables......there are so many options. There are round ones, rectangular, racetrack. There are wood tables, and glass topped and stone topped tables, and lacquered tables. There those that seat two, four, ten...and way beyond. There is the pedestal table and the four legged table. And don't get me started on the styles or periods.

Veranda, September, October 2006, Photo by Laura Resen

It can be quite a daunting task to find just the right thing for oneself. One must consider the size and shape of the room, and how many guests are typically around the table. Is one's lifestyle casual? Formal? And, very importantly, what can one afford? These are all of the practical considerations. But then there are the preferential considerations. What does one "like"?

I have been on the hunt for a Dining Room table for my family for a few years now. My criteria: it has to be round, or nearly so; it must seat up to 10; it can't be too formal; I prefer wood because it is more forgiving and I like the warmth; and I would love to have something unique. I can go contemporary with an antique chair or antique with a more contemporary chair. cut the the chase, I saw this table in Veranda magazine and thought "this is it!" It's perfect! It seats eight, it's wood, it's beautiful and unique. Any sort of chair would look wonderful with it. And one thing that really matters to me: one can comfortably fit crossed legs under the "skirt" of the table. It has these wonderful Palladian arched openings. There are no sharp edges to bump a leg on. Even better: it was designed by Robsjohn-Gibbings.

The down side: it was designed by Robsjohn-Gibbings and is VERY unique. In fact I can't find another to even look at, much less purchase. ( A little help 1st dibs?)This particular table is owned by Dara Caponigro, decorating editor of Domino Magazine. You may have caught it in this new book:

Photo from Amazon Website

So Dara, if you ever want to talk. If you are planning to move into, say, a bigger place where this table just won't work anymore, could you please......just shoot me an email? I would really appreciate it. I have started a fund. Perhaps by the time I have enough in "the fund", you may have moved on to something new? Just a thought. Call me.