Girlfriend Gifts: Carmel Bay Company

When I take my annual Birthday Trip to Lake Tahoe to spend it with my girlfriends, we exchange gifts. Cuz what's better than giving and getting gifts, right? During a Labor Day jaunt to Monterey and Carmel, I never fail to visit one of my favorite shops, Carmel Bay Company. They never disappoint. I found these wonderfully hefty, and very large, glass pots, which can be used as vases or votive holders, or anything you can conjure up. A pair of those, some large votive candles and a box of matches printed with beautiful Audubon prints of dragonflies and moths all went into these cute straw totes:

All wrapped up and ready to go. It is always a pleasure to shop here, and you can find many of their wonderful items online here.

The shop is full of things for the home: furnishings, books, dishes and flatware, gifts, sportswear....the list goes on. With a casual California aesthetic, there is much to love for every taste. Above is a shot of the first floor main room.

There is also a second level.

I hope you have a chance to visit next time you are in Carmel! I think you will not leave without a few things to take home.