So Sylvie

I got a very sweet note from Sylvie of the So Sylvie blog the other day announcing that her beautiful shop Blossom Home is sadly going to close. If you were unaware of Sylvie's talent, take a look:

Not only is her shop beautiful, but so is she. She has had a bit of hardship lately, which you can read about here. I hope you will join me in your support and well wishes by visiting her blog.

Sylvie is letting some of her very special pieces go on Craig's List so you might want to check things out here.

This etagere is one of the beauties being sold.

I wish I had gotten a chance to visit her shop in person, but I hope Sylvie will be starting a new chapter where her talents will flourish!

Wishing all good things for Sylvie and her family!