New Beginnings

I have not been able to post in the last few days. Maybe you have noticed. Maybe not. I have been thinking alot since I found out some news on Friday that one of my very valued co-workers is going to be leaving the company I work for. Fall is, for some, a time to make changes, to take on new challenges. It is a time many think of as a beginning, rather than a winding down. Maybe this feeling is due to the fact that we associate starting school in the Fall as a chance to start over, maybe show our class mates a new "self" we have improved over the summer.

Our yard before

So, my friend leaving just happens to be at the same time my older daughter is returning to school. My daughter has all of a sudden become a young adult over the summer. It has been a learning experience for our whole family. But I am feeling it very acutely.

Our yard with it's new beginning

I have always loved the Fall. It is my favorite season. Not only because it is beautiful here in Sacramento in the Fall with the leaves changing and the air getting that crisp freshness, but because it seems like a time for new things, for possibilities.

Things are looking good

I am wishing my friend at work all good things in her future. I know she will be going places. She is so very talented and very sharp. I am sad to see her go. I will miss her for many reasons. She was always my sounding board for design and ideas. But I know this is good for her.

And for my daughter, I know this will be a year of challenges and opportunities. My hope is that she takes advantage of them with a cheerful and enthusiastic heart. It is all just beginning and I am so excited for her!

And as for me...well...we will see.