HEY! I know her! Eugenia Erskine Jesberg

Do you ever open a newspaper or magazine, see a face or name, and with that spark of recognition realize...."HEY!....I know that person! That person was in my such and such class in High School/College...whatever." It is always fun to see people you know out there doing something noteworthy. And I think we all have that little urge to say to ourselves "I knew them when......".

Hall: starburst pendant from Vaughan, area rug from The Rug Company, barstools from McGuire

So when I was flipping through the latest California Homes magazine, I had one of those very moments. The funny thing is, I was just thinking about finding some photos by this very person to put in a post. And there she was, in print, right in front of me!

Kitchen: lava stone table from Sue Fisher King, chairs from McGuire, pendants from Vaughan

Her name is Eugenia Erskine Jesberg, owner of EJ Interior Design in Mill Valley, CA, and we were in High School together. I remember her best as head of photography for the Year Book, while I was the designer of the cover and other art related things during our Senior year. Always wonderfully talented in the arts and design, Eugenia has been published quite often in California and has participated in a number of San Francisco Designer Showhouses.

Master Bedroom: lamp from Visual Comfort, nightstand from De Sousa Hughes, pillow fabric from Fortuny.

As you can see from these photos by the oh-so-talented David Duncan Livingston, Eugenia has quite a knack for putting it all together. From the Master Bedroom window of this Belvedere, CA house, there is a spectacular view of the San Francisco Bay. Kind of a nice location for a whole house remodel I think!

Guest Bedroom: Headboard fabric from Waverly, side table from Ironies, Plaid fabric from Osborne and Little, Italian Etching from Coup d'Etat in San Francisco

Do you ever happen upon people you once knew in the media? And if so, do you get a bit of a thrill when learning about their accomplishments? I usually end up having a private smile and thinking: "that's so cool!". I am thinking perhaps a note is in order!

Congratulations Eugenia! I am always happy to see you in print!