Tea'd Off

Getting sick really puts me over the edge. It is generally miserable, and I pout alot. But when I am over the hump of feeling fatal and on the upswing again, there is nothing I like better than English Breakfast Tea and toast. There is a pretty fabulous tea shop in Sacramento called Hina's, and it very different than you might expect:

They carry over 300 kinds of tea and some amazing tea ware and accessories. But it's the design of the space that I find so intriguing.

Contemporary and relaxed,

....with a sprinkling of tea leaves on the ceiling. Check out their website here for information for you tea aficionados who can't get enough.

Another great article about tea, it's history, tea related furniture and tea ware, be sure to check out the article on 1st Dibs: Tea Tables and Tea Drinking Equipage by Louise Devinish. Very interesting:

HERE is some more tea trivia to set you all straight.