Correction: Serge Mouille

House Beautiful Sept. 2007, Photo by Don Freeman
Hi all! I wanted to make a correction to an earlier post I did about the very beautiful light fixtures designed by Serge Mouille. I recently received a very nice email from the Jean-Philippe, a representative for the Serge Mouille company. Jean Philippe kindly supplied the correct information regarding the representation for the Serge Mouille light fixtures in the USA:

"Hi Katie,I read your entire blog "David Weeks vs. Serge Mouille" and your input is very interesting. However, I need to bring a correction as to who is representing the Mouille licensed re-edition in the USA. "Inside Modern Living" represents the re-edition in Canada only. The USA is being covered by GUERIDON, a New York based store selling European mid-century furniture. Gin Mouille contracted GUERIDON to be both her representative and distributor for the USA. I think it would be nice if you could redirect your link to will leave the debate of David Weeks vs. Serge Mouille open. Representing the Mouille lighting collection, my input would not be partial of course. Even though David Weeks admitted to me of being "very inspired" by the Serge Mouille lamps, he still designed lamps of his own without copying them. Congratulations for your blog, it brings an interesting comparison between the lamps I had never seen before. Jean-Philippe "

Thank you to Jean Philippe!