America and the Red, White and Blue

That very American of holidays: The Fourth of July is fast approaching! Does everyone have plans? Are you going to BBQ, watch fireworks, go to the beach, eat apple pie, have a beer/lemonade? All of the above? Those of you in other places will be carrying on as usual , but I thought a little red white and blue might perk up your summer just the same.

Above is an example of an American 13 Star Parade Flag circa late 1800's from Jeff R. Bridgman American Antiques available through 1st Dibs.

This is the wonderful beach house of Anna Spiro from Absolutely Beautiful Things. I just had to show this red, white and blue loveliness.

There is nothing quite so relaxing as sitting on a shaded porch sipping a tall cool drink. This porch designed by Thad Hayes is one of my "happy place" images that I look at when the stresses of the day get a little out of hand.

I love this image of Peter Dunham's house via Stylecourt blog: the tapestry, the desk, the it all!

This Living Room by Bonesteel, Trout and Hall captures that very American "love of the beach" feeling that I long for this time of year. At the same time, there is a strong use of Indian prints and Asian furniture that is so very appealing.

Betsy Burnham uses red, white and blue in this foyer area to great effect. Not the least bit what one expects when hearing "red, white and blue".

What could be more nostalgically "American" than wicker furniture? If you have never been to the Maine Cottage website, please take the first opportunity to visit! They have a wonderful collection and very fun feature that lets you pick your piece of furniture , apply any color and put any of their fabrics on it. You can create your own version of the perfect summer chair.

It is an election year, and Jonathan Adler is appealing to both parties with his elephant and donkey figures. Take your pick, and don't forget to vote!

Pottery Barn came out with a "to the trade" sneak preview of their Fall collection. I have to say, I am liking it. It is a little less obvious as to where it all came from. A very nice mix. What do all of you think? Agree? Disagree?

The Jacqui Table from Bungalow 5 available through Eboniste seems to creep into my mind alot. Available in many colors, this table just seems to "fit" in so may situations.

And a little Kate Spade to put you in the holiday mood: Cute "Kelly" rain shoes in navy and red for those sudden summer rain showers ($125), and the Chattanooga Jocelyn purse ($175).

18" pillow in red "Flutter" fabric from Seacloth ($110).

A pair of very patriotic vintage lamps go by the name of "Stars and Stripes" and are available from LUM.

Enjoy a little Red, White and Blue wherever you may be!