What to do this weekend: Sacramento Second Saturday Art Walk

Sacramento has done some major changing since I moved here some 16 years ago. One of the best things that has happened has been the instigation of the Second Saturday Art Walk, We have an incredibly lively and pedestrian friendly night life in Midtown Sacramento, and people flock to the galleries every Second Saturday.

Here is a bit of info about the "scene" and what it's all about.

This photo is from the new website and truly does not do it justice. There are street bands and many streets are blocked off for entertainment venues. It is sooooo much fun. (And the art is not bad either!)

My friend Ted Weldon, who has worked with me on a number of restaurant projects, is having a showing at the new 500 N Street new "luxury condos". Please check out his website cuz he is fabulous!

Photographer, Jay Canter, is also showing. He travels all over to capture images like the one above. Quite impressive.

And I wanted to give a shout out to my new blogger friend Julie, who let me know about the event. Please say "Hi" on her wonderful blog JUST JULES AND YOUR AVERAGE JOE. You will not see a more beautiful couple....nope....not anytime soon....they should be models.....and he proposed to her on a dinner cruise on Lake Geneva.....I kept thinking George Clooney was gonna be in one of their slide show pictures....that's how gorgeous they are. SO, visit!