I got tagged last week by Megan of Beach Bungalow 8. It takes me awhile, but I eventually find the time (see "to do list"). Thanks Megan!

So here goes:
1) What did you do ten years ago?

I was living in Sacramento, CA here:

And raising two daughters I adore:

And was working here

2) Five items on your To Do List today:

a) Make an appt for my oldest daughter to take her Driver's Permit test. Sigh.

b) Add up expenses for tax guy so we can get our return already.

c) Find light fixture for Dining Room.

d) Finalize accounting software. boring but necessary.

e) Make dinner, feed dog, laundry, do dishes....oh wait....is that more than one thing?

3) Snacks I enjoy:


(Note the "Fat Free" in the lower left hand corner. This means calorie free, right?)

And this:

4) What would you do if you were a billionaire?

Really, I am not sure I would want to be billionaire. The change would be too drastic. But if I had no choice, I would quit my job and take my family on vacation here. (Hi Maryam!) I would set up my brothers and sister-in-law and parents and inlaws in the houses of their dreams. I would set up college funds for my kids and all of my nieces and nephews. I would tuck away a bit for their futures. You know all the stuff we would all like to do to make us feel safe and secure. I would hire an assistant to do all the stuff that makes me too busy to really enjoy time with my family. Once I was "set up" I would start a foundation and start giving away the money earned from the principle. There are too many great causes to count, but I'm with Megan as far as children being the top priority. And I would probably start a design business of some sort: retail, product design....

I could go on dreaming forever, but I am in the process of making some real dreams come true....so that's good enough for me right now.

5) What places you would live?

Well, assuming I had those billions, I would have a home base probably in Southern California (San Diego, Laguna, La Jolla, Santa Barbara), an apartment in NYC, and a villa in Europe, perhaps in the South of France. But the fun would really be in the search I think, not in the ownership.

So...now to tag those unsuspecting bloggers that have not been tagged yet. Are there any left?

I tag:

You're it!

P.S. I just reread this post and realized how utterly boring I sound. Ugh. Sorry 'bout that. My head is a million different places and I am finding it hard to be "interesting" right now. I vow to be much more devil-may-care, glamorous, and worldly next time I get tagged!