HEY! New Magazine: LOFTLIFE

Hey! I got this email from the Web Editor of a new shelter magazine: LOFTLIFE. The media is starting to take notice of us little bloggers and I do get lots of emails requesting promotion. THIS particular publication made me sit up and take notice:

"LoftLife believes that, in the words of urbanist Jane Jacobs, "in order for a society to flourish, there must be a flourishing city at its core." The desire for open space, good design, and adaptive reuse combined with the cultural and community benefits of living in the city are the main reasons readers choose a lifestyle of loft living. LoftLife magazine is a guide to this brave new world. Beginning in May 2008, LoftLife magazine will appear as a quarterly — its website will be updated daily — featuring original photography and writing."

There it is in a nutshell. What I thought was so very impressive about this first issue was the variety of styles the editors have captured. It is not all about those chic, sophisticated, but also very expected contemporary spaces. The spaces I am seeing are individual, creative, some traditional mixed with the wonderful qualities of open loft living. You know....all that brick, hardwood and huge windows. Like this for example:

Castleberry Hill in Atlanta is in a warehouse district undergoing a Renaissance. Walt Bilinksi and Steve MacNeil are making it happen. Read more here.

And then there is this Dining Room from another Atlanta Loft project known as the "The Stacks at the Fulton Cotton Mill"

When I saw this space, I wanted to have those light fixtures for myself! Read more about this project here.

And it's not just about Interiors....there is also a bit of style and living to make you come back for more:

I think I could be convinced to be a subscriber.

And the best part? You can sign up to get a FREE ISSUE here. I love free stuff.

Congratulations LoftLife on the launch!