Roy McMakin Follow-up

As a follow-up to the previous post, I'd thought it would be very worthwhile to show you some of Roy McMakin's other wonderful work.

Roy McMakin originally started the company Domestic Furniture in Los Angeles and San Diego. Joining forces with talented craftspeople, his designs are now realized by the company Big Leaf Manufacturing in Seattle, Washington.

These are but a few of his playful creations.

Now that summer is on it's way, these pieces conjure images of beach cottages.

The colors are strong and clear, but the forms are described as "temporally ambiguous".

Architecture has also found it's way into the company's repertoire and goes by the name Domestic Architecture. While utilizing recognizable vernaculars, whether it be Tudor, Spanish, or Cape Cod, Domestic Architecture tweeks things just to keep you on your toes.

A remodel of a Tudor Style house carries it into another realm.

This house reminds me of a family house at Balboa Beach California where I spent every summer growing up. Perhaps this is what draws me to it, especially this time of year.

I can just see this space filled with kids in bright bathing suits and striped beach towels. The perfect backdrop.

Be sure to visit the Domestic Architecture site. The images there are wonderful, but not downloadable.