If your car has to break down and it's 103 degrees outside......

I suppose it's not quite so bad if you break down in front of Vic's Ice Cream in Sacramento. Especially if you have three kids with you, and the tow truck only has room for one.

See... there it is in the backround on the left.

Vic's Ice Cream by artist Paul Guyer

Established in 1947, Vic's produces all of their own ice cream and serves 29 flavors all of the time. Best ice cream in NoCal. Perhaps the country. My personal fave? Cherry Ameretto, with peppermint chip coming in a close second.

I love that it has kept it's old time ice cream parlor style, and that it employs kids from the neighborhood.

Photo Credit: Jessica Larkin

The classic black and white checkered floor and counter seats....isn't it too perfect?

"Vic's for Ice Cream" by Raul Duffy, available through Soloman Dubnick Gallery

Located right in the heart of Land Park, one of the oldest and well established neighborhoods in Sacramento, Vic's has become a fixture in the daily life of many of us. So well known is it that many artists have taken up their brushes to capture it.

Not a bad way to spend a hot and otherwise frustrating afternoon. And "Thanks" Mister Tow Guy from Jack's Tow Service for being so nice. And "Thanks" Mister Apartment Guy for asking if we needed help.

And I hope my hubby had a really good time on his road trip in my borrowed car because his car (above) had just been towed two days prior for the same reason and released by the car dealership (which shall remain nameless)because " they couldn't find anything wrong" and hubby didn't want to break down on the road. I agreed, but I'm just sayin'....

The biggest "Thanks" goes to Vic's for having the best ice cream and right at the best moment possible!