Flea Market Project: Cannell and Chaffin

I needed a little side table next to the chair in my Master Bedroom. Budget was an issue. Things add up after all. So I went hunting at the Sacramento Antique Faire the other weekend. I found this:

Cute huh? I thought a quick paint job would fix 'er right up.

I also found this:

After consulting my Mom, (who is a wealth of knowledge BTW), I found out that this company was producing high end quality furniture out of L.A. when she was a girl. So I did a little more digging. Apparently Cannell and Chaffin was/is a prestigious Furniture and Interior Design company started in Los Angeles in 1917.....and this is where my trail ends.

Does anyone have any more information about this company? I am quite curious.

I am planning to paint it gloss white with a pale turquoise top inside of the tray rim. I will show the "after" as soon as I can get all of the old lacquer sanded out of all the lovely little CREVICES!