Marianna Kennedy: Alchemy in Design

I first caught a glimpse of Londoner's Marianna Kennedy's work in the December 2007 issue of Domino. I have not been able to get her work out of my mind since. It has such a lyrical fairy tale quality, while being modern as well as artful:

There are a variety of resin lamps that she produces in many colors and sizes. Her intent is to use new materials to breath new life into traditional forms.

These convex mirrors have tinted glass in blue and green. Very Alice in the Looking Glass!

The company also is known for their bespoke work like this griffin table which has been given a modern twist with red lacquer. Those are also resin candle stick holders by Marianna.

This example of the artwork that graces the tops of bespoke tables shows the talent and creativity coming out of her studio.

I am always attracted to a mixing of new and old ideas: that alchemy of ingredients that when combined create something altogether new. Her work is brilliant. I urge you to visit her website to see all of the amazing images of many more magical creations.