Getting a Handle on Things

Well the kitchen is getting closer. Thought I would show you some of the "jewelry" I have been adding:

I had seen handles like this in a Thomas O'Brien kitchen and I had to have them, no matter the cost. I could not find the source for these beauties anywhere, so I went ahead and called Thomas O'Brien's office and they could not have been nicer! They informed me the handles were from Forms and Surfaces. They were perfect. They were also over $25 a knob. But I was willing to go there because they were "it"! I am happy that Domino Magazine reprinted the Thomas O'Brien kitchen in their November issue because I had lost the original picture:

This kitchen has been one of the inspirations for my own. I like everything about it: the stainless steel table, the mirrored backsplash, the glass cabinets....and the hardware.

Well, I added up how many knobs I needed and....well, was a little concerned. Sadly, I am not one who should really go around spending thousands of dollars on cabinet hardware. So I thought I should make one more attempt to find an alternative. Lo and behold, I found the handle you see on my cabinets in the photo at the top. I ordered a sample and it was beautiful and definitely close enough! It is from Hickory Hardware, and I am relieved to say is only $5.25.

These are the knobs I put on my Butler's Pantry cabinets. A little more formal and perfect for my 1911 house. They are from Restoration Hardware and very nice quality. I'm very happy with them!

And the knobs for my Powder Room are from Anthropologie at $6.00 each. They have such wonderful knobs! And many of the options are online.

To update on the kitchen, appliances have been installed and finished plumbing and lighting fixtures are going in this week. We are getting close. I have informed my contractor that we are having a Halloween party, so he had better get his A@# in gear and finish or ELSE! (I won't even bore you with that whole story...well maybe one day when I am moved in and can gain some perspective.)

Stay Tuned!