Just a little progress report on the remodel: cabinets are in, well, mostly. I have used Crystal Cabinets, which I love because the company will make anything you want. Totally a custom company. Still waiting for some parts and pieces to arrive. Counters will be going in this Friday (white Carrara marble). I can hardly stand the suspense. I am using someone new for the installation who came highly recommended, but you just never know. He is a charming Italian man who seems to be the only one in town who still hones marble, that is acid washing it to create a flat finish.

I am in the process of ordering all of the "jewelry", like cabinet hardware, lighting, door knobs, bamboo shades for the windows, etc., which is really the fun part!

Anyway, I will post again when things are more "together"!

P.S. Joni from Cote de Texas ( great blog by the way! Please visit!) had a couple of questions about the kitchen, So I thought I would answer them here.

I used pilasters or "legs" between the cabinets to create the look of more expensive inset face frame cabinets for less. These cabinets are frameless or "European" style, so less expensive and a little more contemporary looking. I also like the furniture-like look the legs create. I am putting stainless steel caps at the base of the legs for added durability, and also because I like the added detail.

Regarding the Carrara Marble, I am honing it because polished marble will etch with anything acidic. I figured it's bound to happen, so why not start off with it etched? It will have the look of having been used for years. I have used it for clients' homes and they love it. It is not for everyone however. It will "patina". Carrara will stain and oils can be seen on honed marble, but with a bleach and water solution, most stains will come out. I also like the softer look.

I hope I answered your questions Joni, without getting too long winded!