Artist Lara Berch - Learn to DIY online

I received an email from Lara Berch this morning, an artist who has just started an online tutorial website for art and painting techniques. I was intrigued, so I went to check it out. Lara is like many of us who thought it would be "the right thing to do" to get a degree in something "practical", like accounting or finance, only to discover that it made us a little bit suicidal. (Me....I got a business admin. degree..sheesh! Although I must admit it has come in very handy since becoming a designer.) The switch to the creative fields was a welcome relief. Lara resides in NYC and is living her dream of creativity and helping to save the environment, both pursuits that I am 100% behind.

Here are a couple of Lara's creations:

AND I think it would be so fun to try out her techniques! Perhaps you have had that chair in the attic that you just needed to do a little something with before putting it in the living room. Or you just needed that last art piece for the powder room to make it complete. Lara's tutorials are just a click away:

I am impressed with her site...AND she also has a BLOG! So check that out too! OH! Did I mention the tutorials are FREE?! Well they are!

OH and BTW, Lara has another site all about the environment called Down with Basics. Check it out too! It will get you thinking.