Swarovski in Capri

When I was little one of my favorite movies was Dr. Doolittle, and my favorite part was the scene where they are rescued off the moving island by a great Sea Snail.
I remember the characters were to travel back home inside of this enormous snail shell where the walls were fluid and opalescent pink. When I see the home of Fiona Swarovski on the island of Capri, I get the same feeling of being cocooned inside a beautiful seashell, with the azure sea under my feet.

The curving lines and pink walls conjure the image of a giant shell and the beautiful turquoise Vietri floor tile echo the sea.

In the Dining Room Murano glassware lines the top of the fireplace. But one of the things I love here is that any of us could put a collection of seashells in the firebox. A manzanita branch, a can of red spray paint, and viola! A beautiful DIY summer transformation for you fireplace.

Fiona Swarovski designed the Dining Room chairs and table herself. I love the coral on the draperies. They look painted on, so this could be another DIY for those talented artists out there!

She brings the coral red color into the Bedroom using Fortuny fabrics for the bedding.

Fiona Swarovski also designed these sofas. I love the blue Ikat fabrics! There was not a source listed for these, but similiar ikat fabrics can be found through Quadrille and Madeline Weinrib Atelier.

All photos: House and Garden, August 2004

Photos: Matthias Petrus Schaller