Jeff Koons: How Much is that Doggie in the Window?

This iconic puppy by Pop artist Jeff Koons seems to show up just about everywhere! I have long coveted this Porcelain sculpture/vase. When I first started to look into finding one for myself, the price was not too unreasonable for what it is. It was just that I couldn't rationalize the purchase at the time. Since then, the price has gone up by 400% or so at last check ( I could just kick myself!!!), and it is becoming more and more rare (3000 limited production). A few years ago, I was finding them on ebay. I thought, I'll just wait a little. Now they are seemingly nowhere to be found. So I will just have to be content with seeing them in editorials such as these:

Home of artist Chuck Close, Elle Decor, July/August 2005

As seen on Desire to Inspire blog

Home of designer Geoffrey Bradfield, Architectural Digest, September 2003

Home of Glenn Berenbeim, playwrite and television writer/producer. Architect: Steven Shortridge, Designer: Carole Katleman. Metropolitan Home, May 2006

Home of art dealer Perry Rubenstein and arts publicist, Sara Fitzmaurice, Elle Decor, May 2006

This puppy has literally traveled the world, beginning it's life as a commissioned piece in 1992 for an art exhibition in Bad Arelson, Germany. The forty-three foot high floral topiary made it's way to The Museum of Contemorary Art in Sydney Australia in 1995. In 1997, it found it's current home in front of the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao. In 2000, this pup also traveled to New York for a bit of a vacation at the Rockefeller Center.

Meet Jeff Koons, the "Maestro of country-club pop", as shown in Vanity Fair, December, 2006 . Photo by Todd Eberle at the Archaeological Museum of Naples. You can read all about him in his new book: "Koons". (Available through Amazon for a mere $900.00! Ouch!)