Getting a Little Crabby

This is for all of you Cancers out there, and there should quite a few interested in design. After all, the sign of the crab "governs home life, matters to do with women, as well as sensitivity and emotional intensity" according to Astrology on the Web. " The crab's large claws hang on to its possessions for dear life, just as the Cancerian collects things to beautify the environment and bravely defends the home turf.....Cancerians make good business people, combining artistry, originality and drive with an understanding of financial matters, marketing and the needs of the public." Hmmm.... sound like anyone we know? Astrology is not a big thing with me, but this is a little spooky.

The little crab above is from a trip to Martha's Vineyard, found along the beach perfectly intact (almost).
Here are a few more crabby finds:

Ankasa pillows: Linen with hand embroidered crab on the left. Faux croc embossed patent leather with bejeweled crab on the right.

A couple of Etsy finds: Note cards from Pink Bathtub on the left (very cute, no?) On sale for $4.50!!! ( Not too crabby!). And a wonderful piece of crabby art from atoz ($16.00!!!)on the right.

And we all know and love a little Anthropologie. This crab has a lobster friend as well. Carved from polished bone. ($198.00)

This handsome crab is from the wonderful shop, Loot, in Oakland via the More Ways to Waste Time blog. Thanks Leah for the great post on this shop! The dish towel is from Sur La Table found during a foray to the fantastic shopping area: 4th Street in Berkeley.

I found this mirror of crusty crustations on 1st dibs Paris.

At the end of a long shopping day, it would be so nice to take a soak in this tub. Careful to keep toes in the tub! This bathroom was designed by Shamir Shah as seen in Elle Decor (July/Aug. 2007). Tub by Waterworks. Wall tile is glass mosaic by Bisazza. And the vintage crag sculpture is from De Vera.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to all of you fellow Cancerians!