Design Crush: Benjamin Noriega-Ortiz and the Mondrian Scottsdale

Benjamin Noriega-Ortiz, a long-time design crush of mine, has unveiled his latest design project in Scottsdale, Arizona: The Mondrian. His theme, based on the "Garden of Eden", takes the Mondrian chain to a whole new level:

At the entry, Mr. Noriega-Ortiz uses a wicker version of the Jacobsen Egg chair design. (Very clever! This is why I have this crush, you see!) The chair, wood and aluminum stools, and lounging bed are all reflected in a pink mirror. Ohlala!

In the lobby, the Garden of Eden theme shows itself with what some have interpreted as the "tree of life", "lambs of God" and the figures of "Eve" lamps. All are in the color of white (perhaps representing purity?).

In the restaurant, Mr. Noriega-Ortiz uses Murano glass chandeliers at a communal table. Again, I love the use of white which emphasizes the various forms.
The beautiful work that Mr. Noriega-Ortiz has concocted here has won him the commission to renovate the LA Mondrian. I look forward to the next story he has to tell.
Looks like it may be time for a vacation!
Images all from Interior Design Magazine, June 2007
I am very excited to have had a visit to my blog by Mr. Noriega-Ortiz, himself. In fact I am giddy! Thank you so much Mr. Noriega-Ortiz for taking the time. I truly appreciate it. Here is what he had to say, some very pertinent information, and (please look for his new book!):
benjamin has left a new comment on your post "Design Crush: Benjamin Noriega-Ortiz and the Mondr...": What a nice surprise to find your blog. Thanks to all for the nice words about my work and the hotel.And to Bill, unfortunately I am not longer doing the W Vieques hotel. Don't ask! As for the Jacobsen Style chair, it comes from China (where else these days?), Lukas McWell. There is no distribution in the US therefore, eventhough the chair cost is minimal (about $300), shipping is very expensive if you are not buying a lot. They were made to our custom color specs, in pure white and black. Thanks for the interest in my new book, Emotional Rooms. We are very excited about it. We are planning a benefit party in the fall in New York, so we'll keep you posted in our website. I will also be lecturing around the country promoting the furniture collection that I designed for Metropolitan Home magazine (yeap, they are branding their succesful magazine!). Again, thank you all for the kind words.Benjamin