Sacramento Antique Faire

The Second Sunday of every month, the Sacramento Antique Faire sets up shop under the Highway 50 overpass between 22nd and 24th Streets. I took a quick walk- through last Sunday, and thought I'd share a few pics:

The overall "vibe"

Loved the fish and the painting, both from Ken Kelleher of Kelleher Fine art. Ken has wonderful art that he practically gives away at antique faires all over California. I caught the painting for $30! Mere fish bait. But the Fish got away. Contact Ken at:

This is my "ODE TO ANNE COYLE" . Anne is famous for using sea fans and other wonderful stuff from nature in her beautiful interiors projects.

Some funky 50's paintings and a collection of other fun stuff.

Getting all my ducks in a row........the flamingo is for my daughter who is VERY into flamingos right now.

I'm not normally a "Toy" person, but these vintage advertising dolls were quite a collection. You may recognize the Morton Salt Girl, the Dutch Paint Boy and others all from the Fisk Corporation.

I just loved this "box of buttons"

I love the colors of this Mission furniture and pottery, and the rattan chairs caught my eye.

I loved this arrangement of succulent plants, the blue table and chairs, and the silver crosses.

These images are of vintage Bakelite jewelry from the 30's. Pamela Lee from San Francisco is known as the "Bakelite Lady" and travels to alot of the antique fairs with her beautiful collection. If you are interested, Pamela is very low tech, but reachable by phone: (415) 282-7642.

"There was an old lady who sat on a shoe"....oh wait..
(That's my Mom at the end of a very busy morning!)

And my favorite find of the day: the Belgian Waffle Man! He really is a Belgian. Waffle. Man. It all started in 2005 when Marc Van Mieghem and his wife had a "Life altering" hike (1700 miles through Belgium to Compostella, Spain) On the trail, they met a lady who fed them waffles, which eventually led to the restoration of the 1970's VW van into it's current incarnation as the Red Rooster Waffles Van. You really must check out their website to get the full story. It's a good one! The waffles have been christened the "Volkswaffle" and are exceptional.

Thus ended my very satisfying day of antiquing and eating!