My House, My Rug, My Dilemma

Some of you may have read my post about the remodel of my house. Things are coming along, albeit slowly. We are at the mill work stage and I am in the process of ordering a few furniture items in the hopes that they will arrive at about the same time we are done with construction.

A couple of photos showing what the flavor of the house is, and a kitchen that I have drawn inspiration from:

I have dark oak hardwood floors like this photo on the left with white paint. Very similar feeling to this. The kitchen on the right is what I am shooting for: open shelving, white carerra marble counters, white cabinets, etc. The idea is to make the room like a walled in sun porch and remind me of my beach days. The Family Room and Kitchen are really one big room.

So here is my dilemma. I have purchased a rug for the Family Room from Yak Mountain Looms, which ,of course, I love. I am having the hardest time figuring out a fabric for the sofa to go with!!!!!! I have a black Australian Shepherd, a couple of kids and one really big kid (husband) who are all murder on furniture. (Hence the navy blue patterned rug). So I have considered ultrasuede, mohair, linen, etc. in indigo, chocolate, brown, etc. The question is what color, texture should I go for? I want it to be fresh, beachy, ( and when I say beachy, I mean any beach in the world). But most importantly, it has to not get destroyed within a year's time. So.........I am hoping you all can help me!

from Tibet....vegetable dyed

I love the wave motif (beach!) and all of the mythical animals

Fabrics I am wanting to use for chairs, pillows:

Quadrille's Allen Campbell"Saya Gata" in Orange and Bergamo "Ucria" in the indigo embroidered with brown thread in a paisley design

These are a couple of progress pics of the Family Room adjacent to the Kitchen. I have put in V-groove paneling which will get painted white. (I saw a picture once with India Hicks standing in front of a white paneled wall and it stayed with me. Was trying to find the pic for this post, but no luck. If anyone knows it, let me know!)

So ....there you have it! I hope you can help me. ( Oh....did I mention the dog sheds like crazy?!?!?!)