J Schatz "Night Flight to Venus" and other stuff.

I found these light fixtures in the latest copy of Dwell Magazine and had to check out the website of J Schatz. There are some wonderful things here, and some hilarious things too! Check it out:

Lush Pink Peirced Cilindro Pendant and Volcano Splash Lamp

Onyx Luna Rocket Lamp amd Emerald Luna Sphere Lamp

Orange Peel Egg Planter and Ginger and Silver Gray Happening Curtain

Gloss Chocolate Poodle Butt Sculpture (HA!) and Lush Light Olive Dobo Vase

Buff Humpty and Light Aqua Egg Bird House
(I'd like to see that Humpty knocked off the wall!)
Owner and creator Jim Schatz has a dedicated staff who work out of their studio in New York. All of the products are made by hand and there are many color options for each item. More fun stuff on their website!